The Morni Hills

The Morni Hills

The Morni Hills, an off-shoot of the Shivaliks, is one of the finest tourist hill-destinations in Haryana. It is just 45km away from Chandigarh. Running in two parallel mountain-ranges from south-east to north-west, these hills possess an awesome beauty that attracts vast numbers of tourists to them day after day.

Projecting spurs breaks the Morni Hills into valleys and mountains. Adding to a special charm to the hills, the river Ghaggar flows right amidst the valleys. The lush green meadows, two lakes, etc. are other attractions which conquer the minds of the tourists who visit the site.

The larger one of the lakes is 550m long and 460m broad while the other is 365m on all four sides. Both the lakes are divided by small ranges of hills. The lakes are reported to have some hidden connection and the same water level is found in both of them.

Hill Fort of Morni

On the top of the Morni Hills, there is a hill fort which is reported to be belonged to the Queen of Morni Hills. While the fort is offering a magnificent view of the lakes and the valleys, the climate on the top of the hills is so superb that everyone loves being on the top of the hill-side.

Lined Pine Trees

The upper crest of Morni Hills is covered by pine trees, the valleys are covered with green grass. Various flower and fruit plants like Amaltas, Dhak, Jamun, Neem, Pepal, etc. are also visible here. Trees covered with flowers are visible here and there. Mixed together in a perfect way, these provide an awesome charm to the place.

There is no doubt that the top of the hills covered with pine trees remain one among the most delightful sights. Besides this pine trees remain the nests for various birds like common doves, quails and sand grouse. Wild-animals like hyena, jungle cat, etc. are also found occasionally.

Sporty Environment

The Morni Hills is suitable for many sports like trekking, while the lakes remain highly suitable for various sorts of water-sports such as canoeing, kayaking and sailing. Facilities for boating also attract tourists.

The River Ghaggar

The river Ghaggar flows down the mountains, cutting a deep valley in these hills. Pedestrian roads are developed on the river side. Focusing all adventure-lovers, facilities for trekking and other adventures are also offered.

In short, this hill station remains one of the best tourist destinations for all and especially for those who love adventuring.

How to reach

  • Nearest Railway Station: Chandigarh Railway Station – 39.0 km
  • Nearest Airport: Chandigarh Airport – 43.7 km
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