Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

The Ramoji Film City, the largest integrated film city in India, is located at Hayathnagar in Hyderabad. Though the film city was made for the purpose of shooting films, it has become one of the most prominent tourism centers in India now.

Along with manifold natural attractions, a good number of artificial attractions make Ramoji Film City a hot destination for the tourists. Among the many artificial attractions in the film city, amusement park remains one of the major attractions here.

Spreading over to 1666 acres of land that have been converted to woods, green pastures, flowery gardens, steams and other fascinating scenes, Ramoji Film City entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest film city where thousands of films are being shot every day.

Tourist Attractions at Ramoji Film City

Having all the world-beauties, either natural or artificial, the film city attracts thousands of tourists to its heart every day. The tourists can see each nook and corner of the Ramoji Film City on a special coach that will take the tourists everywhere.

Hawa Mahal

Once you step in, you will see a miniature Golconda Fort set on the hill-top. This is called Hawa Mahal and this is one of the major attractions here. What makes it so special is that the tourists can have a wide and entire-sky look on the film city from here as it is set on the top most part of the hill.

Artificial Settings

Various original-like settings are artificially created here and they remain highly attractive to the tourists. The American Old West, Hollywood Sign, Mauryan Empire, the Mughal Empire, flowery gardens, various other sceneries, etc. are a few to be named among the many.

The artificial film-sets inside the city are created very perfectly that they look very much real. Some of the world renowned scenes are very efficiently created in this city.

History of Ramoji Film City

The history of Ramoji Film City dates back to the year 1996 in which Ramoji Group set up the city with an aim to provide comprehensive and world-class film-making facilities. The city was a joint venture of Usha Kiran Movies and Ramoji Group – two great film producing firms that have developed around 80 films.

Now films in various languages – including Bollywood movies, Malayalam movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, as well as other language-movies- are being shot here.

How to reach

  • Nearest Airport: Hyderabad – about 25 km distance away
  • Nearest Railway Station: Hyderabad – about 25 km distance away
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