Marina Beach Chennai

Marina Beach Chennai

Located on the eastern side of Chennai, Marina Beach remains one of the most beautiful beaches in Tamil Nadu. The beach, which is adjoining the Bay of Bengal, remains one of the best places to watch both sunset and sunrise. However due to the strong under-current, swimming and bathing in this beach can be dangerous.

Yet the number of tourists who visit this beach in any way not fewer just because of its most pleasing charm and matchless beauty it offers to the beholders. The 13 km – long sandy Marina beach is considered as a perfect example of natural beauty.

Having some flower gardens, food courts, pedestrians, etc. the beach easily wins over the minds of all tourists. Another important feature of this beach is that it is so large that the beach is never looks so crowded. Due to its larger size, it is one of the main venues where various state functions are held.

At The Longest Beach in India

Marina beach is the longest beach in the country. It, starting from Fort St. George and extending up to Besant Nagar, is 13 km long. However unlike other beaches, this beach is mostly sandy and rocky formations are rarely seen anywhere.

Watch Sunset and Sunrise the Marina

Due to the strong under-current both swimming and bathing are officially prohibited at Marina Beach. However, this has not reduced the interest of the tourists who wish to visit the beach to enjoy the awesome beauty of both sunset and sunrise.

The sunset and sunrise views from this beach are really so wonderful that no one can ever forget them. It is estimated that every day nearly 30,000 people visit this beach and on weekends the number rose up to 50000. In off season the numbers fall to 15000 and 20000 respectively. Width of the beach varies from 200m to nearly 450m, averaging 300m.

Fort St. George that was built in 1640 is one of the main attractions in the neighborhood of beach. Several ridges and lagoons also attract tourists to the beach.

Now various statues of great personalities and events of global importance are erected on the beach. The Gandhi statue in ‘March to Dandi’ stride and ‘Triumph of Labor’ statue are two main statues here. Besides these, there are other statues of great personalities of Tamil Nadu. In short these statues, food courts, sandy beaches, garden, aquarium, the fort, etc. make Marina beach one of the best places to hang out.

How to reach Marina Beach

  • Nearest Railway Station: Chennai Central – 4.2 km away
  • Nearest Airport: Chennai International Airport – 17.9 km away
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