Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bengaluru

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bengaluru

Lalbagh (Red Garden), also known as Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, is one of the most renowned and most popular botanical gardens in Bangalore. The garden is located in the southern parts of Bangalore.

The garden originally belonged to Hyder Ali, one of the most renowned Mysore rulers, who designed this garden in 1760 as his private garden, spreading across to forty acres of land.

Starting with Hyder Ali, and moving through his son Tipu Sultan, the British and finally through the horticulture department; the garden has undergone vast changes from the Mughal style in which it was originally built. Each has contributed praiseworthily to make the garden what it is today. Now Lalbagh spreads over to 240 acres of lush green land.

Lalbagh became a globally acclaimed centre for scientific study of plants and botanical artwork and also conservation of plants in 1856, the year in which it was given the Government Botanical Garden status. At present it is Directorate of Horticulture is the undertaker of the garden.

Lalbagh is now acclaimed as one of the best gardens in the Eastern world due to its magnificent layout and fathomless scientific treasure. All the more the garden is praised for its matchless scenic beauty that is capable of conquering the minds of anyone and everyone who visits it.

Offering regular courses, Lalbagh has become a prominent centre that provides almost all scientific and technical information on plants. Additionally the park remains as one of the best place for the Bangaloreans to have recreation as well.

Plant wealth:
Plant wealth remains one of the finest attractions of Lalbagh. The garden has a wide variety of plants, herbs and trees. Due to the vast variety of plants the garden has, it is rightly called as a treasure house of plants.

Glass House:
Glass House is one of the most important attractions in Lalbagh. It was built in the year 1889 by Sri John Cameron. Commemorating the visit of Prince of Wales, it was designed after the Crystal Palace of England. Currently flower shows are conducted here twice in every year.

Other Attractions:
Aquarium building, Aviary and Kempegowda Tower, the Bandstand, the Directorate Building, Lecture Hall, Lalbagh House and West Gate Guard Room, Pigeon House, Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar’ statue, the Museum and Cottage, main gate of Lalbagh (Cameron gate), Deer Paddock, etc. Are some of the important attractions in Lalbagh. Lalbagh Lake also attracts visiters.

Various courses related to Horticulture and other allied subjects are offered at Lalbagh.

  • Opening Hours: From morning 6.00 a.m. to evening 7.00 p.m.
  • Opening Days: All days throughout the year

Biannual Flower Shows

Biannual flower shows are conducted at Lalbagh twice –January and August, every year, on the Republic Day and Independence Day respectively.

How to reach

  • Bangalore International Airport – 15 km
  • Bangalore Railway Station – 8 km
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