Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh

Kanha National Park remains one of the best and most popular parks in India. This national park is seducing the tourists with its wide variety of wild life, both animals and birds most of which belong to rare species and which now face the danger of extinction. Rudyard Kipling wrote his world renowned classic ‘Jungle Book’ basing on Kanha National Park, a storehouse of many endangered species.

Tourists are flocking to Kanha National Park mainly to see tigers roaring in its natural habitat. Probably, this is the only location in the world to see the tiger in its natural habitat. Preserving vast numbers of endangered species, Kanha National Park remains a place for conducting researches on wild life.

Besides tiger and Swamp Deer, a wide variety of birds and animals which face the danger of extinction are preserved in this park. Preserved animals include barking deer, bison, black buck, black deer, chital, chousingha, gaur, hare, hyena, jackal fox, jungle cat, leopard, mongoose, monkey, mouse deer, nilgai, pea fowl, porcupine, python, sambhar, sloth bear, etc. The birds species preserved in the park include egrets, peacock, pintails, pond herons, storks, teals, etc.

Jeep Safari through Kanha

The tourists can have a jeep safari through Kanha National Park to see the Bengal Tigers very close. However, unlike Bandhavgarh, here no provision for Elephant safari is offered. While having the jeep safari, no one ever feel any loss of an elephant safari because this is sufficient enough for the tourists to experience and see a special kind of wild life which is absolutely spectacular in all the senses.

Brief History of Kanha Tiger Reserve

The Kanha National Park was started in the year 1955. But only in 1974, it was converted into Kanha Tiger Reserve, under the Project Tiger. Preservation of Swamp Deer (Barasingha) which was fast nearing complete extinction is considered as a jewel on the park’s crown.

Tourist Attractions

Bamni Dadar, widely acclaimed as the Sunset Point, where the tourists can behold the awesome beauty of setting Sun, is one of the main attractions in The Kanha National Park. Here the Sun sets on the back-set of Sambhars and Gaurs. Diverse wild life and variety of bird population also attract the tourists.

However the most charming attraction is watching the tigers in the wild. You are able to see tigers in various locations in India but nowhere will you be able to see them roaring in its natural wild habitat as you see them at The Kanha National Park.

  • Best time for visiting: Winter Season
  • Off Season: Monsoon (remains closed from July first week to mid-October)

How to reach

  • Nearest Airport: Jabalpur -160 km
  • Nearest Railway Station:-Gondia -145km / Jabalpur 160km
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